Fearless for Congo

Collection of memories, reflections, and finds relating to our passion and orphan care work in Uvira, DR Congo. In June 2010 and 2011, I traveled to the Democratic Republic of Congo on a missions trip alongside a team. A part of the A1:8 initiative through National Community Church, this trip focuses on the issue of child advocacy and orphan care in an international & African context. Funded by Global Outreach and led by Jeremiah Rukukuye, Congo for Christ Center (CCC) takes care of 58 orphans on a beautiful plot of land on the hillside of Rugembe. CCC believes that these children are the next generation of leaders in the community and in Congo. We are privileged to come alongside and be part of the lives of these Congolese as they rebuild their lives and hope for a better future in the midst of decades of conflict and insecurity.
We raised funds for a clean water pipeline, run Tough Mudders to send the children to school, meet weekly in DC to learn about advocacy, pray, and visit each year to encourage the life-saving work and love that is going into CCC.
We have returned. And this blog continues on because a piece of our hearts remain in Congo with the children. And we know this is only the beginning. Our part to play is to remain faithful and fearless...
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Photo Roll of the Day: Taking over 400 photos during this eight day journey into one of “the darkest places it is to be a woman,” I will post 10 photos on days I post offering a look into a particular day, activity or group of people (i.e. orphans). Experiencing so much richness, this is a glimpse into an experience that affected the 13 of us so deeply. Enjoy

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